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The chestnuts of the priest are roasted chestnuts and soft, ready to eat! It is a typical product of the high Irpinia tradition which attributes the recipe to the gastronomic capacities of the Irpina priests.

Thanks to a strictly crafted manufacturing process, the product acquires a unique and unmistakable taste.

After harvesting in October, the production process has three main phases: drying, roasting and bathing.

The drying takes place in ancient premises called "gratali" heated for more than ten days by the fire produced by the burning of chestnut wood. This phase reduces the water content in chestnuts and gives a distinctive smell of smell to the product.

Roasting takes place in special ovens, where thanks to the churning of sugars in the chestnut, a further organoleptic characterization of the product is obtained.

The bath is the final stage, also called hydration. Chestnuts are sprayed with water for about seven days, twice a day. At the end of this ancient and laborious process you get these soft, sweet and tasty chestnuts of the priest, ready to eat!

Perrotta chestnuts are carefully selected and are free of additives.

The chestnuts of Priest Perrotta were selected at Tuttofood 2009 as a niche product.

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