Our history

At Montella, in the heart of the Green Irpinia, among chestnut trees and underwood, thirty years ago began the history of the Perrotta Castagne Company.

The decision to start an activity related to the transformation of chestnuts is consequential to the strong chestnuts and wood vocation of our land. From ancient times, in fact, the Montella story and chestnut story, true wealth of these areas, are strictly correlated.


Perrotta Castagne Company

The chestnut tree is part of the landscape of the Terminio-Cervialto area, in which, thanks to the favorable climate and the composition of soil, it produces a high quality fruit organoleptic and product.

Specializing in the preparation of chestnut-based products, the company philosophy places strong emphasis on an ancient local method of treatment: the wood drying on the characteristic "gratali". As time goes by the tradition of technological innovation is flanked to ensure high quality standards in all steps of the production process, from the choice of raw materials to final packaging.

The production process, in fact, represents the perfect synthesis between technology and craftsmanship, innovation and respect for tradition.

The desire to increase and develop the products of our land, the constant attention paid to the world of research and innovation has expanded the traditional chestnuts based products, largely based on the processing of dried chestnuts to new ones, both sweet and savory, with the aim to offer to consumers a wide range of products, so as to satisfy all requirements in terms of chestnuts.

All stages of our production are internally managed by highly qualified personnel and every stage of production is carried out accurately in accordance with the self-control plans the company has provided.

Each chestnut is controlled and selected individually in order to eliminate rotten fruits or imperfect. The products in jar are subjected to appropriate thermal treatments in order to ensure health and a long shelf-life, high food safety, a constancy of the chemical - physical, nutritional and organoleptic parameters stability, without recourse to the addition of additives, processing improvers and preservatives.

The desire for quality, the respect for the ancient rules and passion for their work are the fundamental ingredients of Perrotta specialties, dedicated to those who love the more authentic "timeless flavors".


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